The Dwarves are a proud and long-lived race that most commonly lives in a series of mountain holds in the northern mountain range. They are one of the less sociable of the civilized races, only occasionally interacting with other races, and rarely allowing outsiders to stay more than a couple nights within their holds. They are, however, known for being incredibly skilled artisans with a particular specialization in metalworking and masonry. Furthermore, Dwarven booze is known for being some of the best on the continent. All this means that, when they do decide to trade with other kingdoms, the goods that they produce are highly sought after and will invariably fetch a high price.

The Dwarves’ greatest allies are the Elves to the south, and though one might not guess it when hearing the banter that is commonplace between them, they will always come to each other’s aid when threatened by an outside party. The Elves are one of the few groups of people that may enter freely into a Dwarven hold, and many of the Dwarven trade caravans seen in Human lands, especially to the south, are ultimately heading to or from Elven lands. While these caravans may often stop to trade in Human cities along the way, their best goods are always kept under heavy guard, meant only for trade with their Elven allies. This is especially true for any products made from adamantine, a high-quality metal that only the Dwarves know how to mine, smelt, and craft.

Mountain Dwarves

The majority of Dwarves live in the various strongholds fortresses and underground cities built into the mighty norther mountains. These Dwarves are trained from a young age to protect their homes when the need arises. As such, they are almost universally trained in the use of axes and hammers as weapons and can wear simple armors as easily as regular clothing. Furthermore, due to a combination of the previously mentioned training and the constant hard manual labor that comes naturally with living deep underground, Mountain Dwarves tend to be naturally stronger than the average Humanoid.

Hill Dwarves

Some Dwarves will live above-ground, be at the foot of the mountains, on the large plateau in the middle of the Dwarven lands, or even, in rare cases, in the lands of other races. These individuals will often tend to develop in a slightly different manner than their mountain dwelling cousins. For one thing, they are more accustomed to having to spot things from further distances than those that live underground, and will often be wiser to the ways of the wider world. For another thing, growing up outside their natural environment tends to require them to be slightly sturdier than their kin already are. As a result, while Hill Dwarves may not be as strong as their mountain-dwelling brethren, they can often take slightly more punishment, and can survive in a wider range of environments more easily.

While Mountain Dwarves are easily the mos populous variety in general, Hill Dwarves tend to be slightly less opposed to the idea of interacting with other races. This, combined with their generally closer proximity to Human civilization, means that the majority of Dwarves that other races interact with tend to be Hill Dwarves. This holds especially true when a Dwarf is seen living within the borders of another race’s territory, as a stubborn Mountain Dwarf will only leave their mountain home if given a VERY good reason to do so.


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